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Heartfelt Wedding Photography

My style & Approach on How I photograph your wedding Day:

How I shoot the Day

my perspective

I'm there to document your wedding day, as it naturally unfolds; all the laughs all the tears and everything in-between.

I'm a big people-person, so you'll most likely find me enjoying chatting to your guests and being part of the day to help capture those unseen moments. I love being able to capture you having the best time, interacting with your guests, and of course, with each other! 

I get such a buzz when I'm at weddings! Meeting the people, the moments, the excitement, the emotions; and by the end of it all I want to give all my couples a beautiful visual story of their wedding day.

‘natural, natural, natural!’

From the second I step out of my car, knock on the door and say hello, I want to keep things relaxed, fun and natural. So what you’ll find is that I won’t be snapping away from the moment go, but I’ll most probably be chatting to you, your parents, bridesmaids / groomsmen to get to know names and faces (I’ll try and remember you all, I promise!) and see how everything is coming along.

When I do reach for the cameras I won’t say “Look at me!” “Turn this way!” or “Say cheese!” – it will be something like “You guys crack on as you are, feel free to ignore me and I’m just going to capture some nice moments as they happen. Be yourselves.” Hopefully, this sets the tone early doors and you can relax into your wedding day. 

‘Busy busy busy!’

There will be many fantastic moments happening on your wedding day that you aren't aware of, so my job is to be constantly anticipating and hunting for them. I love to keep busy, stay on my feet, chat to guests, meet your family and be involved in the atmosphere of the day.

Wedding days can be fast-paced and I love it! I don’t want to miss a second and so I give my all in those 10 hours to be present and awake to everything around me. By the end, even though my feet are tired my heart is always full (and so is my memory card!)

'Couple Time'

Probably my favourite part of the day and I'll only need  you for 10-15 mins max! I want your couple time to be authentic to who you are, so no posing or manoeuvring body parts so you look ridiculously uncomfortable – your couple time is your time.

I want you to be yourselves, whether that be holding hands and going for a little walk, piggy backs or practising that upcoming first dance; you guys do you, that’s what matters. Nipping off for 10 mins on two occasions for some couple time is a great way for you both to breathe, take a few mins out together and reflect on your day as well as having some nice portraits in and around your venue. I keep an eye out for good light, scout out some nice spots and that’s it. Easy!

Keeps it natural and unposed

is fun to be around on the day

Catches candids of your guests

MaKes you feel relaxed & at ease

Captures you both radiant and in love

expresses both your personalities

What if you could have a photographer who...

I take a lot of pride in my work, and also how I go about it. To be able to creatively document your day for you to enjoy for years to come brings me so much joy, and it doesn't end there. I want to give you the best experience on your wedding day and that goes beyond the photos. 

For that reason, I only take on 25 weddings a year, so I have the capacity to give each couple my undivided time and attention when it comes to getting to know you, photographing you and having the best time together. Hopefully one of my couples, Cassie & Yoni, can put it a bit more succinctly for you..

"you weren't just out photographer ollie, but you were our hype man and problem solver! Booking you was the best decision of our wedding!"

Nix and I got married in 2018 and so I understand how daunted you might feel on your wedding day. The nerves, the hope that everything goes as you planned it, not forgetting your speech, etc. - I get it, it's a lot to think about. I want to help alleviate some of that stress for you though. My hope is that you'll feel reassured knowing that you're in the hands of a photographer who's going to work hard, have fun and capture those moments for you to enjoy forever!

My Photography style


My photography is very much under the 'documentary' umbrella and is really summed up by this - capturing moments of: love, joy & intimacy. 

On the day itself, I like to be close to the action to get those photos with feeling, but without getting in your way; blending in with your guests to capture those candid moments of real emotion for you to enjoy forever.

You want Someone who loves to capture the natural and candid moments

You'd like someone who is friendly and will chat with your guests

You want someone who is confident SPEAKing WITH YOUR FAMILY AND MEETING NEW PEOPLE

You want someone who is super laid back but will help give direction where needed

You love to have fun! And are up for a good time (documented by me!)

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