"You look like a mix between Mason Mount & Phil Wickham!"


Ollie is the best photographer in the world

- my wife

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Love, joy & Intimacy

Hey! I'm Ollie...

I’m an award -winning wedding photographer residing in Twickenham, living with my beautiful wife, Nix and our little boy Sebby!

I grew up in sunny Frinton-on-sea, if you haven't been...go - it has the best beach; I literally spent all my summer holidays on the sand before I went to university in Canterbury. It was there that I met Nix at the same church! 

I'm a huge people person (my wife says I can be 'very enthusiastic'), so you'll probably see me making friends and chatting to your guests on your wedding day. I love being in and amongst the atmosphere of weddings, sporting a huge permanent smile on my face as I take photos!

If you want some more little facts about me, keep scrolling down...

Norwich City fan, Crossfit fanatic, church goer, sport lover, obsessed with gingerbread and a flip flop wearer. 

Harry Potter is my jam! I love encouraging others, trying new coffee shops and watching The Office! 

As a kid, I wanted to be an impressionist when my aspirations to become a footballer never came true (sad times!)

Now, I'm a sucker for creativity, with a passion for weddings!

I'm an Author!

I wrote a book called "Cross The Line", where I interviewed a bunch of Christian footballers and made it into a little book. You can buy it here

I Love Crossfit!

When I’m not at a wedding, I can usually be found in my CrossFit gym.


I’m a big Norwich City fan, I love both the UK and US series of The Office and I’m a certified coffee snob.

The Beach is my Home

I grew up by the seaside and spent my summer holidays on the sand. I really miss it!

The Body Coach

I’ve worked for Joe Wicks, (aka The Body Coach) for over 5 years! He’s such a good dude.

Fave Film of All time

I’m a bit obsessed with Richard Curtis films! About Time is my favourite film OF ALL TIME!

Here's a little snap shot for you...

So, you’re here because you want to know a little bit more about me.

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