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Ollie is the best photographer in the world

- my wife

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Love, joy & Intimacy

Hey! I'm Ollie...

I’m an award -winning wedding photographer residing in South-West London, living with my beautiful wife, Nix and our little boy Sebastian (Sebby!)

I grew up in sunny Frinton-on-sea, if you haven't been...go - it has the best beach; I literally spent all my summer holidays on the sand before I turned 18, when I went to university in Canterbury. It was there that I met Nix at the same church (good work City Church Canterbury!) before we did the classic 'Facebook friend' thing for a while. It wasn't until after we graduated and made our way back to our respective home towns that we went on our first date (defo went to Nandos).

We fell in love and did the long-distance relationship thing for 18 months, before I popped the question. We tied the knot in March 2018 and as they say, 'the rest is history!'

I'm a neat freak, fitness fanatic, church goer, sport lover, mushroom hater and a flip flop wearer. 

Harry Potter is my jam! I love encouraging others and going for coffee with friends: they call me enthusiastic! 

As a kid, I wanted to be an impressionist when my aspirations to become a footballer never came true (sad times!)

Now, I'm a sucker for creativity, with a passion for weddings!

I'm an Author!

I wrote a book called "Cross The Line", where I interviewed a bunch of Christian footballers and made it into a little book. You can buy it here

I Love Crossfit!

When I’m not at a wedding, I can usually be found in my CrossFit gym.


I’m a big Norwich City fan, I love the UK Office (not the US one soz) and I’m a certified coffee snob.

The Beach is my Home

I grew up by the seaside and spent my summer holidays on the sand. I really miss it!

The Body Coach

I’ve worked for Joe Wicks, (aka The Body Coach) for over 5 years! He’s such a good dude.

Fave Film of All time

I’m a bit obsessed with Richard Curtis films! About Time is my favourite film OF ALL TIME!

Here's a little snap shot for you...

So, you’re here because you want to know a little bit more about me.

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